Casa Agrícola Rui Batel has about 120 hectares of olive trees certified organic in Douro, the oldest demarcated region in the world.


We are producers from Douro Valley, UNESCO World Heritage Site in Portugal. In 2010, Mr. Rui Batel founded in Almendra, a small village in the Municipality of Vila Nova de Foz Côa, located in Douro Superior region, a small company dedicated to the production of olive oil. Mr. Batel wanted to obtain top quality olive oil from the best olives and following traditional production methods. Since then, this family business has remained faithful to this qualitative approach, which naturally led to organic production.

Casa Agrícola Rui Batel uses only carefully selected olives, harvested by hand and cold pressed in the same day. The production methods of our ancestors are respected, using only the resources that Nature brings, without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, respecting the natural cycles. This process allow us to produce one of the best organic extra virgin olive oils.



How our extra virgin olive oil is made? Our extra virgin olive oil (evoo) is produced with fresh olives from our certified olive groves for Organic Production. After the olive harvesting, olives go through a few basic processes, all done mechanically: washing, grinding, mixing, pressing, separation and stocking. Finally, the precious unfiltered extra virgin olive oil pours out of a tube that drains into a steel container where it will be stocked in a cool place before bottling.